Into the Mechaverse

There are 6 monsters that roam the Mechaverse and guard it from on chain data breaches and hacks, these different races of Cybermon have existed for millennia and their aura’s and noble phantasms passed down from generation to generation. Cybermon are the most noble creatures to ever grace the Mechaverse and have made it their solemn duty to keep it safe and secured. Jump in and discover your own Cybermon right now.

Cyber Kong

The new guardian and king of the jungle commanding respect from all other monsters. The last of his kind, he crushes skulls at a moments notice.

Cyber Leviathan

Referred to as the sea dragon, this monster roams the oceans abyss wreaking havoc on anything that dares to cross its path.

Cyber Griffin

What do you get when you cross the king of the beasts and the king of the birds. The Griffin is the guardian and noble protector of the mechaverse.

Cyber Cerberus

Enforcer of the underworld and hell hound of hades. This three headed dog’s bite is as vicious as his bark.

Cyber Croc

Lurking through the swamps this vicious predator attacks and devours everything without mercy.

Cyber Phoenix

This immortal bird obtains new life by rising from the ashes of its predecessors. The Phoenix leaves its enemies in a blaze of fire.

Alpha Dragon

The alpha dragon constructed of forged titanium has evolved from other cybermonsters that have been sacrificed. The Alpha dragon is the pinnacle of the cybermon mechaverse.

The Mechaverse
10,000 Cybermon
95 MATIC Mint price
7 Types of Cybermon
10 Cybermon Alpha's


Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4

Stage 5


There will be 10k Cybermon dropped, all 6 types of Cybermon, might or might not be the same. You can mint a random cybermon on the website priced at 95 MATIC. The drop will be available to mint on our site and you can then fuse the the Cybermon. The team will keep 100 Cybermon for themselves and giveaway 100 Cybermon on discord, Twitter, etc.


You can connect your wallet on pc using the metamask extension for the Chrome browser.
If you are on mobile you can connect through the metamask in-app browser or connect through the DApp browser in the trustwallet app.
10k Cybermon will be available for purchase. They will be 95 MATIC each, which does not include gas fees. Please make sure that you have an external cryptocurrency wallet, such as Metamask, installed on your browser and that you have enough MATIC for the number of Cybermon you'd like to purchase, including gas fees.
Nov 5th @ 1:30PM PST
Jump into our discord. All direct communication will happen there or on Twitter for now.

Fusion: Alpha Quest